Learn JLPT N3 Grammar: んだって (ndatte)

Learn Japanese Grammar JLPT N3 Flashcard

Meaning: I hear that…


Verb-casual + んだって
Noun + なんだって
いadj + んだって
なadj + なんだって

Example sentences:

shiken no han’i wa, kyoukasho no saisho kara sanjuu peeji made datte.
I heard that the test will cover up to page 30 of the textbook.


kare wa toukyou daigaku ni goukaku shitan datte.
I heard that he got into the University of Tokyo.

akemisan, kekkon shiterun datte.
I heard that Akemi is married.

kanojo, yasumi niwa ai ni kurun datte.
I heard that she’s coming to see us this holiday.

kare wa mata kanojo to kurashiterun datte.
I heard that he’s living with his girlfriend again.

kimitachi ga doragon ni notte nigetan datta. daremo ga hanashiteru yo.
I heard that you rode a dragon to escape? Everyone’s talking about it.

kono mise no piza, oishiin datte.
I heard that this restaurent’s pizza is good.


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