Learn JLPT N3 Grammar: ついでに (tsuide ni)

Learn Japanese Grammar JLPT N3 Flashcard

Meaning: while (you) are at it; on the occasion; taking the opportunity


Verb-dictionary form + ついでに
Verb-casual, past + ついでに
Noun + のついでに

Example sentences:

yuubinkyoku e itta tsuide ni, hagaki o katte kita.
Since I was at the post office, I bought a postcard.

shigoto de kyouto ni itta tsuide ni, koukou jidai no yuujin ni atte kita.
I met my highschool classmate when I went to Kyoto to work.


sanpo no tsuide ni, kono tegami o dashite kite kurenai.
Since you’re going for a walk, will you mail this letter for me?

taisa, tsuide ni watashi no tokoro e oyori ni natte, ocha demo onomi kudasaimasen ka.
Colonel, would you like to come to my place and drink some tea?

nani ka tabe ni ikou. tsuide ni kaimono mo saki ni shiyou.
Let’s go eat something. While we’re at it, let’s go shopping too.

shucchou de oosaka ni itta tsuide ni, tomodachi no ie ni yotte mita.
I stopped by my friend’s house when I went on a business trip to Osaka.

haha wa eki made kyaku o okutteita tsuide ni, kaimono o shite kita.
My mom went shopping after she saw her guest off to the station.


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