Learn JLPT N3 Grammar: かけ (kake)

Learn Japanese Grammar JLPT N3 Flashcard

Meaning: half-; not yet finished; in the middle of


Verb-stem + かけだ/かけの

Example sentences:

teeburu no ue ni tabekake no keeki ga oite aru.
The half-finished cake is put on the table.

kono hon wa mada yomikake da.
I haven’t finished this book yet.

ie no mae de shinikaketeita noraneko o hirotte doubutsu byouin ni tsurete itta.
I picked the half-dead stray cat in front of my house up and took it to the animal hospital.


ofuro ni hairikaketa toki ni denwa ga natta.
The phone rang when I was about to get in the bath.

isu no ue niwa kakikake no repooto ga oite atta.
The half-finished report was put on the chair.

ashita wa hoka no shigoto o shinakereba naranai no dakara, kono shigoto o yarikake no mama, kaeru wake niwa ikanai.
Tomorrow I have to do other work so I can’t leave this work undone and go home.

kare wa samete shimatta tabekake no pai o youyaku kuchi ni ireta.
He finally put the cold half-eaten pie into his mouth.

Similar grammar:

切れない (kirenai): being too much to finish
抜く (nuku): to do something to the end
切る (kiru): to do something completely to the end


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