Learn JLPT N2 Vocabulary: 湿る (shimeru)

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Kana: しめる
Kanji: 湿る
Romaji: shimeru

Type: verb

Meaning: to be wet; to become wet; to be damp; to be moist

Example sentences:

kao mo jimetsuite iru shi, karada mo mohaya ase de shimette iru.
My face is damp and my body is already wet with sweat.


yoake no shimetta taiki ga hirayama no atama o mitashi kioku o yomigaeraseta.
The damps of the dew bathed Hirayama’s head and refreshed his memory.

yubi wa jittori shimette ite, chi ni hitashita you ni akaku somatte ita.
I found my fingers as damp and purple as though they had been dipped in blood.

hi no ke no nai danro wa shimette ita.
The fireplace was damp and empty.

Similar words:

潤む (urumu)

Meaning in other languages:

Chinese: 湿 (shī); 潮湿 (cháoshī)
Korean: 축축해지다 (chugchughaejida)


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