Learn JLPT N2 Grammar: 抜く (nuku)

Learn Japanese Grammar JLPT N2 Flashcard

Meaning: to do something to the end; competely, extremely


Verb-ますstem + 抜く

Example sentences:

kanojo wa hajimete marason ni sanka shite saigo made hashiri nuita.
She competed in the marathon for the first time and ran all the way to the goal without giving up.

kanari tsurakatta ga saigo made yarinuita.
It was tough but I did it all the way to the end.

kare towa naganen no yuujin dakara, otagai o shirinuite iru.
I’m his longtime friend so we know each other very well.


kore wa kangaenuite, dashite ketsuron desu.
This is the conclusion we reached after thinking over very carefully.

shigoto o hikiuketa kara niwa, akiramezu saigo made yarinuku tsumori da.
Now that I’ve taken the job, I intend to do it till the end without giving up.

taihen na shigoto demo, yarinuku jishin ga aru.
I have confidence to finish even difficult jobs.

nayami nuita ageku, rikon suru koto ni shita.
After a lot of thought and consideration, we’ve decided to end our marriage.

Similar grammar:

切れない (kirenai): being too much to finish
かけ (kake): half-, not yet finished
切る (kiru): to do something completely to the end


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