Learn JLPT N2 Grammar: ところをみると (tokoro o miru to)

Learn Japanese Grammar JLPT N2 Flashcard

Meaning: judging from; seeing that


Verb-casual + ところを見ると

Example sentences:

mise no mae ni nagai gyouretsu ga dekite iru tokoro o miru to, taihen ninki no raamenya no you da.
Juding from the long lines of people in front of the store, it must be a very popular ramen restaurant.

dentou ga kiete iru tokoro o miru to, kanojo wa mou neta you da.
Seeing that the lights are off, she must have gone to bed already.

asa kara nikoniko shite iru tokoro o miru to, nanika ii koto ga atta ni chigainai.
Seeing that she’s been smiling since this morning, something good must have happened.


awateta tokoro o miru to, kare wa jijitsu o shitte iru ni chigai nai.
Seeing that he’s panicking, he must know the truth.

kare ga anna ni yorokonde iru tokoro o miru to, daigaku ni gougaku shita ni chigai nai.
Seeing that he’s so happy, he must have been been accepted by an university.

nayande iru tokoro o miru to, kare wa shuushoku ka shingaku ka mada kimatte inai you da.
Seeing that he’s being confused, I think he hasn’t decided whether to work or to study higher.

kanojo ga shokku o uketa you na kao o shita tokoro o miru to, hontou no koto o kiita ni chigainai.
Judging from her shocked face, she must have been told the truth.


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