Learn JLPT N1 Vocabulary: 手遅れ (teokure)

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Kana: ておくれ
Kanji: 手遅れ; 手後れ
Romaji: teokure

Type: noun; adjective-na

Meaning: being too late; belated treatment

Example sentences:

jikan wa suisha o mawasu mizu no you ni nagaresugi, mohaya nani o shiyou ni mo teokure datta.
Time was going by like a mill race, and now it was too late.


mou teokure da. nodo ga tsumatte, iki ga tsumaru.
It’s too late. My throat is closing up, I am choking!

nikagetsu mae ni sore o ii ni kuru beki datta ne. kyou dewa mou teokure da yo.
You should have told me this two months ago, it is too late now.

mata hitori, hannin dewa nai koto ga shoumei saretan da. teokure datta ga.
Here’s one more of us who’s been proved innocent – just a little too late!

Meaning in other languages:

Chinese: 为时已晚 (wéi shí yí wǎn)
Korean: 때늦음 (ttaeneuj-eum)


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