Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: をいいことに (o ii koto ni)

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Meaning: to take advantage of


Verb-casual, non-past + のをいいことに

Example sentences:

sensei ga inai no o ii koto ni gakkou o sabotta.
I took advantage of the teacher’s absence and skipped school.


oyakata wa washi ga toshi totteru no o ii koto ni shitan da.
The masters took advantage of my age.

rouka no tsukiatari no doa ga aiteiru no o ii koto ni, sankai ni nukedashita.
I took advantage of the open door at the end of the corridor to escape toward the third floor.

kanojo wa watshitachi ga damatte iru no o ii koto ni, osoroshii keikoku o hikkiri nashi ni nagashi tsuzuketa.
She took advantage of our silence to maintain an uninterrupted flow of dire warnings.


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