Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: にとどまらず (ni todomarazu)

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Meaning: not limited to; not only… but also


Verb-dictionary form + にとどまらず
Noun + にとどまらず

Example sentences:

sore wa hitotsu no kutsuu ni todomarazu, hitotsu no kueki demo atta.
It was not only an affliction, but it was also an unpleasant duty.

kanojo no bujoku wa anata hitori dake ni todomarazu, jitsu ni hou o okasu mono desu.
She not only insulted you but also the law.

bigguban wa kankoku dake ni todomarazu, kaigai demo daininki ga aru.
Big Bang is not only popular in Korea but overseas as well.


kare wa sono mise de, monku o iu ni todomarazu, teeburu o hikkuri kaeshite shimatta.
He not only complained to the store, he also flipped the table.

honkenkyuushitsu de no kenkyuu wa, tannaru riron ni todomarazu, sono ouyou mo juushi shite iru.
At our lab, we don’t just focus on theory but also emphasize its application.

Similar grammar:

のみか (nomika): not only… but also
だけでなく (dake de naku): not only… but also
はおろか (wa oro ka): not to mention, let alone
も~ば~も (mo~ba~mo): …and…
に限らず (ni kagirazu): not just


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