Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: というわけだ (to iu wake da)

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Meaning: this means; this is why; it is the case that


Phrase + というわけだ

Example sentences:

watashi no koto ga wakari hajimeta to iu wake desu ne.
You begin to comprehend me, do you?

sono otoko wa kao o mirarenai you ni kakushite ita to iu wake desu ne.
Looked as though he wanted to conceal his face.

tomii wa yougisha to iu wake desu ne.
So Tommy is the suspect, is he?

nani o shinjiru beki ka wakaranai to iu wake da.
I don’t know quite what to believe.


kare ga ichido mo omae o utagawanakatta to shinjiro to iu wake ka.
We are supposed to believe he has never suspected you?

iikaesureba ano otoko to kekkon suru to iu wake da ne.
Or, in other words, you are determined to marry that man.

hannin wa, otoko demo areba, onna demo ariuru to iu wake desu ne.
The murderer could just as well be a woman as a man?

Similar grammar:

わけがない (wake ga nai): there is no way that
わけだ (wake da): for that reason
わけではない (wake dewa nai): it is not the case that
わけにはいかない (wake niwa ikanai): cannot afford to
というわけではない (to iu wake dewa nai): it doesn’t mean that


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