Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: あっての (atte no)

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Meaning: which owes everything to; which can exist solely due to the presence of


Noun + あっての + Noun

Example sentences:

donna chiisa na seikou mo doryoku atte no koto da.
Even a small achievement can’t be gained without hard work.


hibi no renshuu atte no shouri da.
We could only win because we practiced every day.

tsurai chiryou ni tae, byouki o kokufuku suru koto ga dekita nowa, kazoku no hagemashi ga atte no koto da.
I could go through the painful treatment and conquered my disease because my family was there to encourage me.

miura kantoku wa watashi no onjin desu. ima no watashi ga aru no mo kantoku atte no koto desu.
Coach miura is my benefactor. My success today is all thanks to his guidance.

boku no shiawase wa kazoku atte no mono da. minna byouki sezu genki de ite hoshii.
I can be happy because I have my family. I hope they’ll always be healthy.


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