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JLPT N4 Grammar Offline Quiz #1

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JLPT N4 Grammar Quiz

Translation: That person is not sick yet he’s taking a lot of medicine.
Grammar point: のに (although, in spite of)

JLPT N4 Grammar Quiz

Translation: I’m going to Japan now but I’ll be back in a week. I want to see you as soon as I return. Until then, don’t make any decision.
Grammar point: てほしい (I need you to…)

Common Japanese Phrases in Manga & Anime Part 1

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Shut up!

Learn JLPT N3 Vocabulary: 通り (toori)

Learn JLPT N4 Vocabulary with Flashcard

Kana: とおり
Kanji: 通り
Romaji: toori

Type: noun

Meaning: street; way; avenue; road

Example sentences: