Learn JLPT N4 Vocabulary: 通う (kayou)

Learn JLPT N4 Vocabulary: 通う (kayou)

Kana: かよう
Kanji: 通う
Romaji: kayou

Type: Verb
Meaning: to go to and from (a place), to go back and forth between, to run between (e.g. bus, train, etc.), to ply between, to go to (school, work, etc.), to attend, to commute, to frequent, to circulate (e.g. blood, electricity), to be communicated (e.g. thought), to resemble
JLPT level: N4

Example sentences:

igai da na. omae mitai ni atama ii yatsu ga konna toko kayotteta nante sa.
What a surprise! I didn’t think a smart guy like you needed to come to a place like this.

jitsu wa nijuu nen mae, chuugoku no daigaku ni kayotte ita koro ni wa amerika de nani ga susunde iru ka sura shiranakatta.
When I was a student in China twenty years ago we didn’t even know what was happening in the U.S.

通う (kayou)

sobo wa ninensei made shika gakkou ni kayowanakatta. haha wa daigaku ni wa ikanakatta.
My grandmother only went to grade two. My mother did not go to college.

kare wa chuugokujin no gakkou ni kayoi chuugokugo o mananda.
He attended Chinese schools and learned the language.

Meaning in other languages:

Chinese: 上班 (shàngbān)
Korean: 다니다 (danida)

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