About Us was launched in September 2014 with the main purpose of providing Japanese language learners around the world with hundreds of free online practice tests. Along the way, many new resources like flashcards, infographics, etc. have been added to help people learn Japanese more easily and effectively.

As a language learner, I believe that using textbooks or attending language schools can never be enough. Many people wasted a lot of money on textbooks, softwares or language programs and ended up not being able to speak Japanese properly. Though there are good paid websites that actually help you learn Japanese effectively at reasonable price (like, not everyone can afford it.

After living in Tokyo for a year and seeing how people struggle with learning Japanese with their busy schedule, I decided to create a website that provides free and useful resources so that everyone can learn Japanese anywhere, anytime. Given that there have already been many good resources out there, I tried to focus on creating something different yet still useful. That’s where the idea for grammar/vocabulary flashcards, Japanese phrases from anime/manga and infographics for useful daily phrases came from.

You’ll find on this website resources I believe a language learner would need, especially a beginner who might give up on learning Japanese easily. Everything about this language, from Kanji, vocabulary to grammar is difficult. Instead of trying to learn it by heart, you can study much faster and easier by using Flashcards. If you’re a manga/anime lover, instead of learning boring textbook phrases, can learn interesting phrases from popular manga/anime like One Piece, Naruto, Attack on Titan, etc. in the Otaku Corner. If you’re a traveller or someone who just arrives in Japan and needs to learn common phrases fast, you can download the Infographics. And if you are about to start a new life in Japan, you can always check out the Live in Japan blog.

Thank you for visiting Without your support this site wouldn’t even exist. I hope you find it helpful and share it with your friends. I’ll continue to add more and more Japanese resources in the future, so please check back often for updates.